• Oscar Award Winner
  • Three Time Emmy Award Winner
  • Two Time Golden Globe Winner
  • Walk of Fame Recipient
  • Golden Apple and Women in Film Winner
Oscar Award Winner1 Three Time Emmy Award Winner2 Two Time Golden Globe Winner3 Walk of Fame Recipient4 Golden Apple and Women in Film Winner5

Tributes to Loretta Young


Beverly WashburnBeverly Washburn
Actress, the Loretta Young Show
I had worked as a child on both of Loretta Young's two television series and it was just wonderful working with her. I didn't even have to audition for the parts. They just called and said Loretta Young wanted me ... more


Norman BrokawNorman Brokaw
Chairman, William Morris Agency
I had the incredible good fortune to have known Loretta, as her close friend and agent, for almost 50 years ... more



Sandy DescherSandy Descher
Actress, the Loretta Young Show
Loretta Young was, I think, the most consummate and professional all around woman in films ... more



Celia KayeCelia Kaye
Actress, the New Loretta Young Show
Working with Loretta Young was a very lucky first experience in show business for me. I was in awe, first of all. Here was Loretta Young, I mean, we're talking movie star... more


Christopher LewisChristopher Lewis
Not too long before she died, Mom and I went to dinner together at her favorite Mexican restaurant in Palm Springs ... more



Linda LewisLinda Lewis
Okay, my fiancé asked if I'd like to meet his mom for the first time. It was nearing Valentine's Day and she was at home, nursing a cold ... more



Sandy SchreierSandy Schreier
Fashion Diva - Author
Loretta was always my favorite TV personality. When I was a little girl I watched the Loretta Young Show and I gasped every time she twirled through that door ... more


Tracy (Stafford) ShawTracy (Stafford) Shaw
Actress, the New Loretta Young Show
My earliest memories were actually going in for an interview (to get the job of replacing an actress who was playing Maria on Miss Young's CBS series) when I was abut six ... more


Cal ThomasCal Thomas
Syndicated Columnist
Loretta Young first entered my life in the '50s through a door depicted on a black and white television screen. Her pirouette in a lovely dress was a statement of charm and grace ... more



Marlo ThomasMarlo Thomas
My family decided to ask Loretta Young to be my godmother. She was that rare breed in Hollywood, a Catholic who wore her moral spirit on her shoulder and never compromised her principles ... more


Joel BrokawJoel Brokaw
Public Relations Executive
One of the best things that ever happened to me was the chance to be part of Loretta Young's world ... more


Salvador Iglesias and Manuel SaletaSalvador Iglesias and Manuel Saleta
Fans turned friends
I attended Catholic School in Puerto Rico. I left at 1:30 to have lunch at home and would always watch television while I ate. One day I saw this beautiful elegant lady coming through a door. It was the Loretta Young Show... more

Ed FunkEd Funk
I knew Loretta the last 12 years of her life. Our relationship began in a professional capacity in that I was to be the collaborator on her autobiography. That project never came to fruition but, in the end, I got much more, I became her friend...more