• Oscar Award Winner
  • Three Time Emmy Award Winner
  • Two Time Golden Globe Winner
  • Walk of Fame Recipient
  • Golden Apple and Women in Film Winner
Oscar Award Winner1 Three Time Emmy Award Winner2 Two Time Golden Globe Winner3 Walk of Fame Recipient4 Golden Apple and Women in Film Winner5

Beverly Washburn

actress, the Loretta Young Show

Beverly WashburnI had worked as a child on both of Loretta Young's two television series and it was just wonderful working with her. I didn't even have to audition for the parts. They just called and said Loretta Young wanted me for the show. I was just thrilled.

She has always been probably the very  favorite person that I have ever worked with. She was very hands on. She was involved in everything, the make-up, hair and wardrobe. She kind of took on the role as really being my mother. She just was so sweet and gentle and caring and loving. It was wonderful.

What I remember is that not only did she allow us to see the 'dailies' (the previous days filming results), but she insisted upon it. Usually actors were not allowed to go see them, unless they were a star, but she wanted us to see the days work because we could learn from it.

Back then I had this habit of wrinkling my nose after I said my lines... I can't believe I'm telling you this... But I did it, and didn't realize it. So one time she told me that she wanted me to see what I had done... So we went in and we watched the 'dailies'. And I saw that I had done that, and it was so humiliating.

But anyway, I learned from it, and her theory was that if you watch yourself, you see things that you've done that were good, and were not so good. Certain expressions and such. You could learn from it.

So, it was a fun thing. We would always go at the end of the day and watch the 'dailies' from the day before.

We lost touch for a while, but many years later I remember her inviting me and my husband to visit her at her home in Palm Springs. That was such an honor - and it was one of those things where you say; "I'm going to do it," and then you just put things off, and I never got to do it.

But I'm glad we had such a report. She was such a sweet, lovely woman.