• Oscar Award Winner
  • Three Time Emmy Award Winner
  • Two Time Golden Globe Winner
  • Walk of Fame Recipient
  • Golden Apple and Women in Film Winner
Oscar Award Winner1 Three Time Emmy Award Winner2 Two Time Golden Globe Winner3 Walk of Fame Recipient4 Golden Apple and Women in Film Winner5

Sandy Descher

actress, the Loretta Young Show

Sandy DescherLoretta Young was, I think, the most consummate and professional all around woman in films. It was exciting working with her. You just watched her. She had just such control over herself, her body, her face. I never got used to watching her. There was always something fresh and new, and she was such a professional and made (the people she worked with) that way too.

We occasionally got to have lunch with her in her apartment on the studio lot, and during one interesting lunch she served us steak tartar. She just watched us sit at the table and watched us eat raw meat. She thought it was great fun.

She gave us all kinds of little lessons about life. She tried to school us and teach and give us her insight into life and what she had learned form life, and she had learned a lot.

She once told me - I think it might have been over the steak tartar - that when you get married and go on with your life make sure that you always associate with someone who is bigger of mind, body, spirit - and pocketbook - than you are. And she was right. It was good advice.

She was a very forward thinker. I was honored to have known and worked with her - and to have been her 'stage' daughter.