• Oscar Award Winner
  • Three Time Emmy Award Winner
  • Two Time Golden Globe Winner
  • Walk of Fame Recipient
  • Golden Apple and Women in Film Winner
Oscar Award Winner1 Three Time Emmy Award Winner2 Two Time Golden Globe Winner3 Walk of Fame Recipient4 Golden Apple and Women in Film Winner5

Norman Brokaw

Chairman, William Morris Agency

Norman BrokawI had the incredible good fortune to have known Loretta, as her close friend and agent, for almost 50 years.

Loretta Young was the most elegant beauty, inside and out. She was the epitome of a lady, and I learned from her early on in my career that if you can handle yourself with class and dignity - you can work as long as you want to in our business.

Loretta really was a 'one-of-a-kind'. She was lovely, class— class—class, both on and off the screen. She presented the image of serene uprightness and invariably played the strong willed heroine with firm principles.

She was always the "movie queen" with the perfect hairstyle and makeup, dressed in the latest fashion, and up-beat in her view of life.

On and off the screen, she always seemed taller than her 5'5".  I remember on more than one occasion running into her before she would go to daily mass, grocery shopping on Rodeo Drive in the early morning at Jorgensen's foods, driving her own Rolls Royce and getting out elegantly dressed because she felt being part of the business one should always look at their best, even going to the market.

Loretta dearly loved her family. She always talked about them. The first thing she would ask me whenever we spoke was "Norman, dear, how is your family?" I knew how much she loved her own.

I know that all of us loved and are going to miss Loretta very much. I already do - and I always will.